Top Ten Reasons To Sign Up For My So-Seldom-It’s-Shameful Newsletter

Top Ten Reasons To Sign Up For My So Seldom It’s Shameful Newsletter

10. Every time I get 100 new subscribers, everyone on the list is entered to win a fabulous prize

9. The longer you’re a subscriber, the more chances you have to win ”” I’ll say it again ”” fabulous prizes

8. When MARSHMALLOW MAYHEM (the sequel to BANANA BAMBOOZLE) is released as an ebook, you’ll hear about it first

7. When the MARSHMALLOW MAYHEM ebook goes free (and it will), you’ll ONLY hear about it if you’re a subscriber

6. You’ll make my mom happy

5. Getting your friends to subscribe (hmm, perhaps by sharing this) gets you a higher place in heaven (and more opportunities to win, even though you don’t have a single selfish bone in your body and would never be anything other than altruistic)

4. I won’t guilt-haunt your dreams

3. Your email inbox wants something delightfully non-work-related for a change

2. Subscribing to my list is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

And the number one reason to sign up for my So Seldom It’s Shameful Newsletter …

1. You’ll get funny short stories to entertain you that will be not be published anywhere else. Consider it my gift to you as thanks for supporting my endeavors. Maybe backstory, like finding out what the heck happened to Dan and Cassidy in Las Vegas. Maybe part of a work-in-progress that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Maybe something that will change your life and leave you weeping in gratitude. Or perhaps an epic Homeric poem about scrambled eggs. Could be anything.

Do it. You know you want to. Clickedy click …. right here.

(Thanks. You’re the best.)

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