Whoever Reads The Most Books Wins

My newest book is WHOEVER READS THE MOST BOOKS WINS, a journal for readers. I knew I wasn’t going to have a new novel out by the time I went to the Left Coast Crime mystery convention in February, but I wanted to have something to give away to some of the sweet readers who say complimentary things about my mysteries. And, you know, for bribes.

Whoever Reads front coverIt’s slim, so you can fit it in your purse or backpack with no trouble. There’s room for 30 book entries, with some extra pages at the end to make notes of titles you want to read or other important bookish news. I priced it as low as Amazon would let me, at $6 because I know avid readers will go through these fast.

One mom told me she bought some for her competitive, albeit reluctant reader. She’s hoping that completing this journal will be the impetus he needs to keep turning pages. Wouldn’t that be great?

For myself, I am of a certain, ahem, age, so I wanted a place to jot down important ideas about the novels I read, and especially my book club books to jog my memory when it came time to discuss them. It’s disturbing how many times I try to remember things like, “What was that book … about that girl … who did that thing … over at that place …”


Here’s what the interior looks like …

interior Whoever Reads

I will be giving these away on a regular basis to the subscribers of my newsletter. If you see your name as a winner in an upcoming issue of my So Seldom It’s Shameful News, all you have to do is send me your mailing address and one will be winging its way to you. Just a little gift to say thanks for your interest in my books.

Okay, now back to reading!



4 thoughts on “Whoever Reads The Most Books Wins

  1. fpdorchak

    Wow, interesting concept! But, man, people actually have time to DO this?!


    You folks are professional readers, and I salute you!

    As for myself, No-can-do-ski….

  2. K.J.

    What a fantastic concept! I’m sharing this with my teacher friends,

    My problem is that I read so much I don’t have time to write about what I read. *grins*

  3. Chris Reese

    What a great idea! I think you will sell a lot of copies to avid readers like me that fall in love with a novel and an Author and then can’t remember the names three months later! I love it!

  4. Becky Clark

    Thanks! “Professional readers” made me laugh, Frank.
    KJ … I often force myself to just sit when I’m done with a book and think about it, whether the subject or story, or how it was told … what worked, what didn’t, what I would have done differently, if I’m so jealous I need medication … that kind of thing.
    Chris … right on! My memory is … what were we talking about?


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