It’s Happy Blogversary In BeckyLand!

Facebook alerted me that today is the day, eight crazy years ago, that I started this blog.


But then when I went to look at my first post, I see it’s dated September 1st. My memory is like a sieve, but I suspect I loaded a bunch of posts on there just to see what was what and then pulled the trigger a few weeks later.

So then I took a little trip down statistic lane. I rarely check my stats, although they are interesting. I used to be able to see a map of the world with a little flag that popped up anywhere someone clicked on any of my pages. Haven’t done it in years (and can’t find it now), but back in the day, it was fun to see I had visitors from almost every country on the globe.

Except one. I’m looking at you, North Korea.

Of the stats I don’t have to, you know, search for, I see I have 416 posts published right now. I had more but I deleted a bunch when I redid my website the last time.

People don’t talk to me much on the blog, but 1,434 folks stopped by and left a comment.

There’s more spam than seems reasonable, but I have a great Venus flytrap spam blocker so I don’t see those messages, only the number.

The most views I had in one day was on January 30, 2015 when 1,124 people read Dear Frontier Airlines. It still gives me a thrill when people share what I’ve written with their Facebook and Twitter friends. Pingbacks are near and dear to my heart.

Over the years I’ve had 38,807 unique visitors to BeckyLand.

In the last week, the top searches that led people to my blog were: “pinky toe broken”, “shemar 2014”, “bravo zulu quotes”, and “scrabble equipment.”

I’m still amazed that my post about my silly pinky toe gets an average of 100 hits every month. I’d like to know the percentage of people who also thought they broke their toe vs those with simple foot fetishes.

Here are the All-Time Top Searches leading folks to my blog …


Do you sense a theme??

At any rate, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of my nonsense as much as I like posting it.

Now let’s have some blogversary cake!

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