Fiction Can Be Murder

Launch Day is finally here!

In case you haven’t heard enough about FICTION CAN BE MURDER, here’s an interview I did with Deborah Kalb … here’s where the main character Charlee Russo drops in at Dru’s Book Musings for a bit … here’s my book trailer … here are some cool tidbits you might not have known about the book …

And because you’ve been so patient, here is a picture of my adorable dog, Nala eating a MilkBone as big as her head.

And her boudoir shot …

You can buy the book, but not the dog, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores everywhere. And if you don’t want to buy it, ask your favorite librarian to order it. (Because then they’d be MY favorite librarian too!)

And remember … when you subscribe to my “So Seldom It’s Shameful” newsletter, you get the chance to win books and other cool stuff. Do it now because ”” SURPRISE ”” this month you can win FICTION CAN BE MURDER!

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Fiction Can Be Murder

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks so much, Virginia! The next one is FOUL PLAY ON WORDS out in April 2019. I’ll have a cover reveal soon. While you wait, could I get you to write a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads? You’d have my undying gratitude!

      Even though you already read FICTION CAN BE MURDER, would you like me to enter you into the giveaway for it? You can gift it to someone, if you’d like.

  1. Renee Collins

    Not sure where we are to leave comment….on Facebook or here…but I am already signed up for your news letter.

    One thought about ”˜Fiction Can be Murder,’ I am looking forward to reading it…

  2. Garman Lord

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Fiction Can Be Murder. I write murder mysteries myself, and FCBM achieves a lot of the qualities I like to shoot for in my own stories: It’s crafted out of serious stuff, but light-hearted, funny, well-intentioned, the cozy thing, I guess, so something about your style bespeaks a kindred spirit. My stuff, living at in case you’re ever curious, features a probably-too-vast swarm of very bright young adult protagonists and their high-spirited crime-busting hijinks, but tends as well, alas, toward too gritty a realism to really qualify as either cozy or YA. I must say I truly envy what seems to be your lively vital writing subculture out there. I live in a small remote upstate NY town (Watertown) that has a few pretty decent local writers and even a wonderfully supportive local indy bookstore, but alas, not as much clubby collegiality among us as there oughta be. Thanks for a fun read…………Garman Lord

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks for your kind words, Garman. I’m so glad you liked it! And it’s absolutely true that Colorado is a fantastic place to be a writer. Lots of support from lots of different places. I can’t imagine it any other way. Maybe you need to start something up there? You could do it in between times of reinventing genres. Surely there’s room for smart gritty realistic cozy YA! ;-D


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