I Need Your Opinion

I need your opinion.

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I’m gearing up for the release of FOUL PLAY ON WORDS in April 2019 but I’m not sure what kind of publicity events I should do. They’re all fun for me, but a girl only has so much time!

What kind of book events do you like?

  • Launch parties
  • Readings
  • Panel presentations at libraries or bookstores
  • Facebook parties
  • None of the above
  • Something else?

Tell you what … if you comment on this post and tell me what kind of events you like and what you like to hear authors talk about, when I get my Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) of FOUL PLAY ON WORDS, I’ll pick a lucky commenter (maybe more) to get a copy hot off the press!

Also …. I’m contemplating a southern California book tour, maybe in June. If I was in the vicinity of The Book Carnival in Orange, would you come see me?

Comment below! And thanks … you’re the BEST!


7 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinion”

  1. I like FB parties. It helps those that aren’t close enough for the library/bookstore presentations. I think you can reach a large number of readers. Thanks for listening.

  2. Hello Becky,

    I personally love author panel(s) at libraries, bookstores, etc, where the author talks about the ‘behind the scenes’ of the book. The research, the path the plotting took, character development, etc. I also love readings of select parts of the book. Living in Denver, I love the Tattered Cover author talks.

  3. I like launch parties and readings. I like panels. I’m not so big on FB parties, but that could be because I’m close enough to SEE you (and drink with you). I think they’re probably good for distant fans. I liked your last launch parties. Especially the drinks. Hm, might be a theme here. mb

  4. I like the launch parties, but not in a busy, noisy place. It makes it too difficult to hear what you are saying. I am also cool with FB parties so more people can attend. I don’t need much in the way of readings. I like to experience the books on my own.

  5. I like FB parties. Get with Marie from A Cozy Experience before her schedule fills up. She’ll help you have an amazing launch party! She’s done tons of these parties and they’re always lots of fun!

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