Becky’s Big Bodacious Box O’Books and Purse Giveaway

Win fabulous signed books from

PLUS one of my handmade book purses!

The more actions you complete, the more entries you earn. A few of them you can do every day to rack up points!

I’m editing this on March 7th to add that due to oh, about forty-leven gazillion emails from people about how much they love those purses, I’ve made an executive decision to add more winners!

If at least 50 people share this post before the contest ends, I’ll offer a SECOND prize of one purse to a random winner. And if I get 100 shares, I’ll offer a THIRD prize of another purse to yet another random winner! So share away … even if you don’t want to win, you have a friend who does!

Ends on March 30 … Good Luck!


Becky’s Big Bodacious Box O’ Books and Purse Giveaway

18 thoughts on “Becky’s Big Bodacious Box O’Books and Purse Giveaway

  1. Becky Post author

    Thanks, Annie! I really enjoy making the purses. It takes some time, but goes much faster than writing books! And I agree … those are some stellar books, all by Colorado authors to get to know!

  2. Meg

    I’m so glad I have found a new author. The books are great! The purse is amazing! You are very talented. Thanks for putting this giveaway together.

  3. Becky Budd

    I love the fact that you do crafts and I do to. I guess people with the same first name are awesome. The books are like the purse, fun and fashionable.

    1. Becky Post author

      BECKYS RULE!! It makes me happy you like the books AND the purses! Both satisfy my creative itch, but purses scratch it much faster!

  4. Brittany

    I’m so happy that a Facebook friend shared your giveaway with me. Not only do I get to enter this amazing giveaway but I just purchased a new book that I can’t wait to read. Thanks for being a new to me author!

    1. Becky Post author

      And thank YOU for being a new to me reader! (And to your facebook friend who shared the contest!) I hope we have a long and happy friendship!

    1. Becky Post author

      Every single one of them is fabulous, and all of those authors have multiple books published. If you don’t win, I sure hope you’ll investigate the authors and ask your library and local bookstore to carry them!

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  7. Carol Smith

    Thank you very much for the chance to win.
    It is an awesome giveaway.
    Will be looking up the authors and books.


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