Ah, Mondays

I’ll be the first to admit I’m unusual.

I love black licorice.

I’m not a fan of Italian food.

I’m a Colorado native and have never—not once—felt the urge to ski.

And I love Mondays.

I love the promise of a new week. Everything is possible on Monday morning! The week stretches out before me like a vast ocean of potential and all I have to do is wade into it.

Thursday, mind you, is an entirely different story. By Thursday I might be swimming hard against the current, exhausted and spent, searching for the rescue boat. Or worse, sputtering and choking, schools of tiny fish nibbling at my extremities.

But Mondays? Always perfect. Always welcome.

What about you? Do you fling your arms wide to embrace Mondays, or would you rather they didn’t exist?

2 thoughts on “Ah, Mondays”

  1. Cheryl Arcemont

    As a child, I loved Mondays with the thought that I would be able to go to school. Yeah, I am weird like that! Then, as I got older, I loved Mondays because that was usually one of my days off from work. (I worked weekends so other employees could spend the time with their families.) Now that I am retired, I love every day of the week but Mondays with the thought that people are going back to work, kids are going to school, and us other retirees can do our shopping with less of a crowd! Like I said earlier, I am weird like that! 🙃🤗💖

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