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Tag: Becky Clark

The Squirrel Days of Summer

Ahh. Summertime. When the whole world wants to bellyflop someplace cool and quiet. Like my deck, for instance. What is your favorite way to spend

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Running Away

My sister scolded me. But my mom understood. I got mad at my three children one day when they were youngish and terrible. I needed

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First Person Synesthesia

This is why synesthesia fascinates me. I LOVE hearing from ”˜synnies’ around the world, and I thought I’d share this with you. Read more comments

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This Old Dog

This old dog needs to learn a new trick. Maybe you’ve noticed you haven’t heard from me in awhile. If you haven’t missed me, pfftt

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More Funny Spam

Did you see all the previously posted funny spam? And this one, Blog Spam – It’s Not Just For Sandwiches? How ’bout this one? And

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Funny Spam

It’s that time again! I get so much funny spam I feel I must share … • NO Make $900+ a week 6Z [Honey, I

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