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Camp Granny

The Denver Post had an article about parents who can’t afford to send their kids to camp, so they’re sending them to their grandparents for the summer. I hope they call first.

They call it Camp Granny. I think it’s a business plan screaming for attention.

Who wouldn’t want to sign up their kids for these fun and worthwhile activities …

• 4 pm Buffet of Soft Foods
• Butterscotch Unwrapping Workshop, motto Louder is Better
• Count the Liver Spots Contest
• Pin the White Socks and Sandals on Grandpa
• Fundamentals of Napping
• Medic Alert Lanyard Making
• How To Forget How Email Works … Again
• Curmudgeon Practice, includes fist-shaking instruction and vocabulary builders like hooligan and whippersnapper
• Tips and Tricks To Ignoring People, choose one breakout session:
– Pretending to be Asleep
– Turning Off Your Hearing Aid
– Shuffling From Room to Room In Your Slippers

What would you like to see your kids do at Camp Granny?