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Christmas Poetry

I have a confession to make. I’m not a huge poetry fan. I try, really I do, but usually it’s a no-go. It makes me feel bad, too, because some of my closest friends write and publish lots of poetry so I know someone thinks it’s good.

Just not me.

However, when I add in song lyrics and Dr Suess, my ratio of  poetry I like does inch skyward.

So I wanted to share with you my very favorite Christmas poem and one of my favorite holiday decorations we put up every year ”” a poem written by Bill Watterson, of Calvin and Hobbes fame. I think we own every book he’s published because we love Calvin and Hobbes more than is reasonable for grown-ups, but this particular one was published long ago in the Sunday funnies.

My husband attached it to  sturdy foam backing and we set it out every year. When we were decorating this year, I flew into a low-grade, two-pronged panic when I couldn’t find it. First, how could someone as organized (some might say ‘anal’) as I lose a Christmas decoration?? And worse, how could it be my favorite one??

Luckily, it just got stuck under something in a box I thought was empty so Christmas wasn’t ruined after all.

May your winter night be cozy, and if it’s not, turn to warm whatever’s not.

Merry Christmas!