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Cockney Rhyming ATM

Heard about this on NPR, then felt compelled to research further. It’s this thing I do.

ATM ‘speaks’ in Cockney rhyming slang

Monday, August 24, 2009

You may not ‘Adam and Eve it’ but a cash machine operator has introduced Cockney rhyming slang to a number of its cash machines in east London.

People using the Bank Machine ATMs can opt to have their prompts and options given to them in rhyming slang.

Customers will be asked to enter their Huckleberry Finn, rather than their Pin, and will have to select how much sausage and mash they want.

Those who want to take out £10 will ask for a speckled hen, while the machine may inform users that it is contacting their rattle and tank, rather than bank.

The rhyming slang prompts are available from five ATMs in east London for three months from today.

Ron Delnevo, managing director of Bank Machine, said: “We wanted to introduce something fun and of local interest to our London machines.

“Whilst we expect some residents will visit the machine to just have a butcher’s (look), most will be genuinely pleased as this is the first time a financial services provider will have recognised the Cockney language in such a manner.”

The ATMs displaying prompts in Cockney are all free to use, although the majority of group’s cash machines typically charge a £1.50 fee.

Fun, eh?

In case I find myself in London in the next three months I want to be ready. I called the Rosetta Stone company searching for a crash-course in Cockney, but I couldn’t understand a word they said so I visited my trusty friend, Google, and found this  Cockney translator.

You can paste your own text in to be translated or you can use the handy Cockney-to- English dictionary.

Here’s the above article translated into Cockney …

Lor’ luv a duck! You may not ‘Adam an’ Eve it’ but a bangers an’ gash machine operator ‘as introduced Crowley rhymin’ crap dang ter a river ‘umber ov its bangers an’ gash machines in east London.

People usin’ da Cab Rank Machine ATMs gok wan opt ter ‘ave their prompts an’ opshuns given ter ’em in rhymin’ crap dang.

Customers’ll be asked ter en’er their Huckleberry Finn, rarfer van their Pin, an”ll ‘ave ter select ‘ow rabi’ ‘utch sausage an’ gash they want.

Those who wan’ ter navan blake aaaht 10 pound’ll ask fer a speckled ‘en, while da machine may infawm users what i’ is contactin’ their rattle an’ tank, rarfer van iron tank.

The rhymin’ crap dang prompts are available from bee ‘ive ATMs in east London fer free months from today.

Ron Delnevo, managin’ director ov Cab Rank Machine, said: “We wan’ed ter introduce somethin’ fun an’ ov local in’erest ter aaahr London machines.

“Whilst we expect some residents’ll visi’ da machine ter just ‘ave a butcher’s (look), most’ll be genuinely pleased as dis is da first bird lime a financial services provider’ll ‘ave recognised da Crowley language in such a manner.”

The ATMs displayin’ prompts in Crowley are all free ter use, althuff da majori’y ov group’s bangers an’ gash machines typically charge a £1.50 fee. Know what I mean?

What’s left to say but “Awright geeezzaa! If you need some bees an ‘oney fer a cappucino awer brighton rocks awer flaaahrs fer your girlfriend, just visi’ da bangers an’ mash machine an’ don’t ask ter borrow from me.”

Penny fer your thoughts? Sorted mate.