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Countdown to Reunion

In just a few short hours I leave for my 30th high school reunion. I wrote about it when I heard it was being planned and again a few days later because clearly, I’m quite needy.

Still a bit apprehensive in ways I can’t exactly put my finger on.

I loved everything about high school and despite my crooked teeth and uber-awkwardness, I had a ball.

My friends included cool kids, cheerleaders, crazy-smart geeks, freaks and band nerds even though I was none of those things. I don’t know if that made me inclusive and progressive, or just clueless and desperate.

Let’s go with that first thing.

I loved them all and when I moved to Arizona during my junior year, I mourned my loss. And for those of you who’ve never lived without cell phones and email, let me tell you, it’s an abrupt loss. Complete lack of contact. I may as well have moved to the moon.

I guess what worries me is that they’ve meant more to me all these years than I’ve meant to them. Do they ever think of me and all the good times we had? Am I included in the recollections of their excellent adventures? Or am I a blurry presence at the edge of a distant memory?

But more importantly, do I hide this extra eight-and-a-half pounds with Spanx or do I, literally, let it all hang out?

PS – Here’s how it went.

Reunion Chatter

Recently we discussed whether I should attend my 30th high school reunion.

I think I’ve decided to go.

But that creates another problem. What does one say to people one hasn’t seen in 30 years?

Do I mention how nicely their acne cleared up?

Do I ask who finally talked them out of their unfortunate hairstyle?

Do I remind them of the hilarious story of when they beat me up in the girl’s restroom?

How many times will I be forced to say, “No, that wasn’t me, but I did get suspended for it.”

Do I say, “So, what have you been doing for the last 30 years?” and then set the timer for three minutes? After all, we had a big class … I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

What about the guys I had a crush on? Do I calmly tell them so, or do I fling myself across the room, arms and legs holding them vice-like, sobbing, “Finally!! I’ve waited all these years!! Will you PLEASE sit with me at Fargo’s Pizza?! Upstairs?! Where all the cool kids sit?!”

I’m really at a loss. What is proper reunion behavior?

Oh snap! I just had a brainstorm! I’ll wear somebody else’s nametag! Duh.

What would you say to someone you haven’t seen in 30 years?

30th High School Reunion

I’ve been invited to my high school reunion via Classmates.com. I’ve never been invited before, but I’m sure that’s because they haven’t had one previously. Yeah, that’s it.

Wasson High School, Colorado Springs, CO 1979.  Class motto, the rallying cry for the mediocre ””“You’ll do fine, 79!”  I guess adding “Quit your belly-aching” was too long for the banner.

Should I go? Wait. Before you answer, there are some things you should know.

First, I didn’t graduate from Wasson. I moved to Arizona halfway through my junior year, but I’ve known these people since at least 7th grade.

Second, this is what I looked like in 9th grade …


Is that really something that people need to be reminded of?! Really?!

And here I am in the Highland Pipers, the, ahem, elite East Junior High choir. The girls wore long velvet skirts. The other, lesser voices, were relegated to cotton, possibly burlap or rags, but my memory might be fuzzy. See me? Tallest one in the front row. I hit 5’7″ in 5th grade, cementing my place as the towering center of our basketball team when we won the city championship. Haven’t grown or done anything nearly as exciting or worthwhile since.


So what do you think …should I go to my 30th high school reunion?