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Camp Granny

The Denver Post had an article about parents who can’t afford to send their kids to camp, so they’re sending them to their grandparents for the summer. I hope they call first.

They call it Camp Granny. I think it’s a business plan screaming for attention.

Who wouldn’t want to sign up their kids for these fun and worthwhile activities …

• 4 pm Buffet of Soft Foods
• Butterscotch Unwrapping Workshop, motto Louder is Better
• Count the Liver Spots Contest
• Pin the White Socks and Sandals on Grandpa
• Fundamentals of Napping
• Medic Alert Lanyard Making
• How To Forget How Email Works … Again
• Curmudgeon Practice, includes fist-shaking instruction and vocabulary builders like hooligan and whippersnapper
• Tips and Tricks To Ignoring People, choose one breakout session:
– Pretending to be Asleep
– Turning Off Your Hearing Aid
– Shuffling From Room to Room In Your Slippers

What would you like to see your kids do at Camp Granny?


I read an article in the Denver Post about a woman who ran afoul of the Department of Motor Vehicles because of her love of tofu. She just wanted to share her affinity for this gelatinous soy product by personalizing her license plate. ILVTOFU

SOYCURD just didn’t do it for her.

Pretty sure Gina turned a few heads with hers too. But DIVAGINA motors on.

I remember BUC2TH on my orthodontist’s bright yellow Corvette. Imagine how happy my dad was to give him yet more money.

And our friends the Gripmans drive their GRIPVAN.

In my infinite curiosity, I started looking into the phenomenon of vanity license plates and found a game you can buy for $15 called Vantpl8 where you try to figure out as many personalized license plates as possible before your time runs out. For example, 2LV4EVR would be To Love Forever and XKNTRE2R would be Cross Country Tour.

I’m fairly certain I don’t need to spend fifteen bucks to find out I’m not that smart.

I read this funny anonymous story, though, which convinced me to try harder …

“There’s these license plates here in Virginia that say “Kids First” at the bottom. I saw someone who had that license plate. Their license place number was EATTHE so it said, “Eat the kids first.”

I don’t care who you are … that’s just funny.

There are a zillion vanity plates here proving there are some very clever people driving around the United States.

-CSHFLW In Missouri, the state usually fills in any spaces on a vanity plate with a “-” which turns this into “Negative Cashflow.” A very creative use of a quirky state law.

2M8OS Tomatoes. His name or his avocation?

BAA BAA Baa Baa on a Black Jeep. Cute.

CARGASM On a brand new Corvette

COCO VAN Chicken in wine sauce…on a lady’s bronze colored Toyota minivan

Some I just don’t get and I tax my little brain when I should be driving. Try your hand at these …






Can you guess any of those?