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Boss Button

We here in BeckyLand are more into the pigskin than the hoops, but we’re also givers. So those of you sneaking peeks at March Madness will be happy to know there is a Boss Button in the upper right corner. Last year it was a funny ad, er, spreadsheet for Comcast that people clicked on 2.5 million times, including 1.2 million times on the first day of the tournament. Astounding.

This year it’s a workflow diagram concocted by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert.

If someone ”” let’s say your boss ”” is walking past 10 feet away, it’ll look like you might actually be doing work. Up close, however, it’s a different, and much funnier, story.

The diagram advises you to …

• Remember that finishing a project makes you dispensable.

• After everything your boss says reply, “Thank you for your leadership.”

• Squint and sigh when anyone makes a suggestion.

See the rest of the advice when you “click here to flip through the gag.”

Any other workplace advice?