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DIY Uses For Vodka-Besides the Obvious

I saw this recipe for a DIY natural spray for eliminating odors. Haven’t tried it yet, you know, because everything in my life already smells like skittles and rainbows. And I’d have to make a special trip to find vodka ”” okay, I could barely type that with a straight face.


1C water

2t vodka or witch hazel

1t cornstarch

5 drops essential oil (choose your favorite flavor)

Stir everything until cornstarch dissolves then pour it into a clean spray bottle. Spray 6-8 inches from whatever you need to freshen. Shake between applications.

Here’s another idea, this one for facial astringent … Mix 8oz cooled green tea with 1/4t vodka. Blot as necessary.

You can de-frizz your hair with it. Add a shot to your 12-oz bottle of conditioner. Shake it up and use it every week or so.

Vodka is a great household cleaner too. Wipe counters with it and anywhere there’s mold or mildew. It makes chrome and glass shiny again, and does wonders for your windows. Mix 1C water with 1t vodka in a spray bottle. Spritz your windows, wipe off. Voilá!

Here’s another good one, for those of us who cling to our outdated but favorite blouses. When the armpits get stinky despite careful washing, spritz them with vodka. It neutralizes the odor but won’t stain. (Same reason to drink it, methinks.)

And the last use for what I like to call Household Vodka … add it to your pie crust dough! It keeps dough from forming too much gluten which can make your crust tough instead of flaky. Substitute 1T vodka for every 3rd tablespoon of water.

anything vodka can't do

Have you tried any of these? Will you? Can you spare vodka for non-drinking activities?