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Good Riddance Day

There’s an enormous shredder in Times Square for people to literally or symbolically get rid of baggage they’re carrying from 2009.

There are the obligatory memories of bad boy- and girlfriends, bills and other correspondence, but also many creative and interesting items. I’d love to hear the story behind each one.

There’s the guy who shredded the newspaper story about the dashed playoff hopes of the NY Giants.

There’s the piece of paper with the words “writers block” written on it shredded by a woman determined to finish her musical.

But the most creative item was from a 12-year-old who shredded the memory of the chaperone on her week-long school trip who was subsequently featured on “America’s Most Wanted.”  Reallllllly want to know more about this.

A sledgehammer is also available for items that can’t be shredded. I suspect there are many loaves of fruitcake and PCs loaded with Vista awaiting their fate.

I’m a Mac who didn’t get any fruitcake this year, nor did I take a trip with a fugitive so my list is different.

I’d like to say goodbye to hungry children, war, homeless veterans, politicians, bad coffee, and self-important people who drive while yakking on their ubiquitous cellphones.

But none of that seems likely.

Instead I’ll say good riddance to Guilt. You know, like “I should be writing” … or “I shoulda been a better mother/wife/daughter/sister/aunt/friend” … or “I shouldn’t have slapped that lady at the DMV so hard.”

How ”˜bout you? What would you like to say Good Riddance to while closing out 2009?