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You Think YOUR Commute is Crazy

There’s a mass email floating around that says something like “The Road of Death in Bolivia” and it has photos of ridiculously dangerous roads.

But the tireless researchers here in BeckyLand have discovered it’s a combination of a bunch of crazy roads around the world. We’ve sorted it all out for you.

You’re welcome.

This is the Guoliang Tunnel in China … perfectly safe. Carved by the people of the village between 1972 and 1977. Before they had that, the only way to their village was by a stairway carved into the mountain.

Guoliang Tunnel in China1

Guoliang Tunnel in China2

Guoliang Tunnel in China3

Guoliang Tunnel in China4

Guoliang Tunnel in China5

Guoliang Tunnel in China6

Guoliang Tunnel in China7

Perhaps this next place was how the Guoliang villagers got home each night before they dug their tunnel. This is also in China – in case you ever want to stroll around Mount Hua. Read this guy’s account of taking that little hike. My palms were sweaty just looking at the pictures!

Mount Hua1

Mount Hua2

Mount Hua3

Mount Hua4

Mount Hua5

This is a road in Bolivia …



This road is in Russia. Ironically, easier to navigate in the winter.




Here are more, very cool pictures … Thanks for the pingback or I never would have seen these!

So, how do you feel about YOUR commute? What’s your worst commuting story?