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I wrote a book about writing a book!

Very meta, eh?

Want to speed up your writing process and complete a top-notch novel in just two months?

Learn veteran author Becky Clark’s tried-and-true techniques to:

  • Write faster
  • Organize yourself
  • Create a flexible outline you can live with (even if you hate outlines with an intensity usually reserved for walking into a spider web)
  • Devise your own reliable system to get you from the premise to THE END in eight short weeks.
  • Become the prolific career novelist you’ve always dreamed of!

I’ve already heard some encouraging things about it, and got the coveted orange #1 badge and some good rankings right out of the gate …

I know it won’t last, but it’ll be fun for a while!

Available in print and ebook on Amazon now … and other platforms soon!

How To Publish Your Book

It’s so incredibly easy. Take a look at this flowchart I found in Writer’s Digest.

Here’s a little bit, even though I’m sure you never do this …


Okay, I’ve gotta get back to work. Just as soon as I get the band back together.

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?