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Book Trailers Uno

I’ve been thinking lately about book trailers and their effectiveness.

Book trailers are just like movie trailers. But for books. They’re little videos authors create to get you interested in buying their book.

I asked authors to send me links to their book trailers so I could post them and see what other people like or dislike about them.

I got a lot so I’ve broken them into uno, dos and tres blog posts. Would you take a look and tell me what you think of these?

David Lubar …


Kathleen Guler …


Lynda Hilburn …


Olivia Gentile … this one isn’t on YouTube so you have to go to her website. I think you’ll like this one. This is actually the one that got me started thinking about the topic.

If you’re an author with a book trailer tell me how you promote it.

If you’re an author without a book trailer tell me if you want one in the future.

If you’re a reader, what do you think about book trailers? Are they effective? Do any of these make you want to go out and buy the book? Would you ever seek out a book trailer? If so, how would you search?