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Menopause Stories

I’m looking for menopause stories. Yours or someone else’s.

Funny, sad, scary, ironic, apocryphal, enlightening, dubious, charming, educational, poignant.


But mostly funny because let’s face it ”” menopause is a hoot!

Here’s an example … my female dentist of a certain age has to be sure her first appointment of the day is also female because she ALWAYS has a hot flash when she gets into her office in the morning. Men get freaked out, but women get a good laugh from it.

Speaking of men, I’d love to get the male perspective too.

And I want this message to go viral, squirming its way into every nook and cranny of cyberspace. Help me out, peeps.

I will tell you what I’m doing with these stories when you provide one (and if you care). I know this can be a sensitive subject, so please ask for anonymity if you so desire.

There are several ways you can contribute.

One ”” comment on this blog. Keep in mind this is a public forum, though.

Two ”” email me directly at AmpersandPress@aol.com with “menopause story” in the subject line.

Three ”” send me a private message on Facebook.

Four ”” if you’re my mother, you can call me. I promise to return your call just as soon as I’m able.

There’s no strict timeframe on this … well, not much of one, anyway … so please forward this link to all your far-flung friends and enemies. I want a lot of stories, so viral this, baby!

Thanks so much!