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Amateurs vs. Professionals

You know how they changed the Olympics so that professional overpaid basketball players could push out amateurs who play purely for the love of the game?

That’s what’s going to happen today in BeckyLand. Kinda.

I’m linking directly to The Wa Blog, written by my pal George Waters. Lest you be confused, though, he is not an overpaid basketball player. But he is a Professional Award-Winning Humor Columnist.

I, however, retain my amateur rank, blogging purely for the love of the game. But don’t fret. George isn’t pushing me ”” your lowly, unpaid, not-award-winning amateur ”” out. I invited him. Because he’s funny. And I’m lazy.

So enjoy! If you want to receive his column directly in your inbox every week, just sign up on his website. I highly recommend doing so. It’s so easy even a professional overpaid basketball player could do it, but I bet McDonalds still won’t be interested in sponsorship.

Here’s his column about the Olympics ….

Those Winter Games

What’s your favorite Olympic sport … real or imagined?