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Twenty-nine years ago I was a student in Winchester, England. It afforded me a fabulous opportunity to travel around much of Great Britain and Paris.

Here I am at Loch Ness in Scotland in front of the eerily gorgeous Urquhart Castle.

203 Urquhart Castle

I became enamored with a lot of things while in the UK … tea with fresh cream delivered in the wee hours if you left 20-pence on the stoop, a hearty pint at the pub, pubs, fish-and-chips wrapped in paper to eat on the go, train travel, £10 theatre tickets, bed-and-breakfast inns, and so much more.

But gargoyles fascinated me. I took photos of every one I stumbled upon. And there were many.

This one in Norwich at the top of the downspout …

5 Gargoyle Downspout in Norwich

These at the top of Notre Dame in Paris …



gargoyle 3





Oops. Those are the girlgoyles I lived with.

This one isn’t technically a gargoyle, but it’s one of my favorite pictures. I love the marriage of old and new here in Salisbury …

92 Salisbury71

I was reminded recently of my love of gargoyles when picking up my son at the airport in Denver. Next time you’re there, take some time to investigate the nooks and crannies of this gorgeous airport. This guy keeps an eye on baggage claim …

DIA gargoyle

But he won’t listen to you complain.

Do you like gargoyles? Where’s your favorite?