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Instant Spanish


I had a craving for chocolate Malt-O-Meal the other day. Hadn’t had it in awhile so I read the directions and started puttering around anticipating my culinary delight. After I gathered a bowl and a spoon and made a pot of coffee, I was ready. I went back to the box to put a serving together, but this time read the Spanish directions by mistake.

For a moment ”” but longer than you’d expect ”” I thought I had mysteriously learned Spanish in my sleep.

In my defense, it was early in the morning. Before I had my coffee.

It reminded me of a married friend who went home for lunch one day instead of eating at work. He ate his lunch, tidied up, then went back to work. Later that afternoon he got a frantic call from his wife who said, “Somebody broke into the house and cleaned the kitchen!”

To her, it was the only logical explanation as to why the kitchen she left messy was magically clean when she got home.

Have you ever had moments where you absolutely believed something completely illogical?