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Don’t Stop ”˜Til You Get Enough

I was minding my own business over the weekend, reading the Denver Post while nursing a lovely cup of coffee, when I saw a blurb about prisoners in the Philippines doing the Thriller dance. Now, trust me when I say I had every intention of letting the Michael Jackson news fade away from Beckyland.

Alas, I was lying to myself. In my defense, I didn’t know that Filipino prisoners ”” and so many others ”” have created YouTube videos of the Thriller dance.

Take a look at these.

Filipino Prisoners Thriller … The only scary thing about this is the guy in drag playing the girl from the video.


Sobe Lizards Thriller …


Wedding Party Thriller …you wouldn’t believe how bridal parties choreograph the Thriller dance! Almost makes me want to get married again.


Bollywood Thriller … what they lack in expertise, they make up for in speed


And it wouldn’t be BeckyLand if I didn’t have a Marching Band Thriller … always funny to see a marching band dance! Thrilling even! Skip ahead about 40 seconds or so.


World Record Thriller … that’s a lot of college zombies


Toddler Thriller … if she had a little bit of gray hair, I’d swear it was me dancing.


Marine Thriller … truly secure in his manly military bearing.


Star Wars Thriller … sorry – I can’t stop!


Thriller Hungary … I think they wanted to show off their costumes for a bit because it doesn’t actually start till about 1:40


Flash Mob Thriller … two of my favorite things