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What Happens When YOU Poke A Pomegranate?

I wish I wish I wish I was synesthetic. For those of you who haven’t heard me yak about it incessantly, it’s a condition where your senses get crossed. Like if you saw music or tasted emotions. There are a zillion ways to be syn, however. All equally fascinating. Look in my sidebar and archives for more info about it.

Here’s a weirdly fun video illustration of synesthesia by Terri Timely.


This is one of the comments afterward ….

“Did you see all three S’s at the beginning? Most likely all you saw was a screen of 5’s. I see fives as the colour blue and my S’s are a pale orange. I detected the S’s before they appeared highlighted in yellow. Some people taste words, and hear colour.”

I admit I had to go back and see what they were talking about. Clearly, my senses are boring!

If you are synesthetic, please email me at AmpersandPress (at) aol (dot) com. Put “Synesthesia” in the subject line. I want you in my posse. My work-in-progress deals with syn and I want to hear lots of syn stories.

If you’re not synesthetic, what do you think about this movie?