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The Marshmallow Test

This is a fascinating experiment. Such a simple thing to ask yet so difficult to accomplish.

There are many times I wonder if I’m in some sort of hidden camera experiment and people are watching to see what I’ll do.

Like the other day at the grocery store. Were they ignoring me at the seafood counter on purpose to see how long I’d wait while they went about their business which didn’t seem to include selling me salmon?

Or are there cameras hidden around my house so my family can have a great big guffaw watching me sneak olives out of a tall jar with my short fingers? It probably wouldn’t even make them giggle since they’ve seen worse. Much worse. And if they did giggle? I’d just say, “What are you giggling at?” with my mouth crammed full of olives. Of course, it would come out, “Mrphhpwicka?” but still, it would show ”˜em.

So watch The Marshmallow Test and try to picture what you would have done when you were 5. I particularly love the kid who kisses his marshmallow.


What would be a good hidden camera experiment for adults?