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One Question Interview ”” Ann Parker

I started doing my One Question Interviews because I am lucky enough to be able to meet tons of eclectic and interesting authors. It occurred to me you might want to meet them, too. So I wrote a dozen or so questions on index cards, steered the authors to a quiet corner with me and my iPhone, then had them pick a question at random. I hope you like them and their books as much as I do. Visit their websites, find them on social media, buy their books, and/or ask your library to carry them. Share this post and the video with anyone who might enjoy their books.


SilverLiesCoverIron_TiesLeadenSkiesCoverMercurysRise coverWhat_Gold_Buys_Cover

Ann Parker wanted to live in Colorado since she was a child, but through various “twists of fate” and life decisions, has only managed to move one set of hills east from where she was born and raised in Northern California. She wrote her first novel when she was 12 years old featuring… a strong female protagonist and set in the Old West! (Started young.) She’s  been a wordsmith since then, making a living by spinning words in one venue or another since she got out of college, mostly as a science writer. What she REALLY wanted to be was an astronomer (hence the double degree in Physics, with English Literature tagging along because she lived and breathed stories and words). Ah well, maybe next time.

She works like a crazy woman in her day job(s) and writes fiction the rest of the time. She lives with a spouse and a cat who uneasily (and barely) co-exist.

Her favorite book as a child was The Tall Book of Mother Goose, copyright 1942, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky. This book came out long before she was born, so it must have been handed down from a cousin or some such. She loved the beautiful illustrations first, before she could read. At some point a little later on, she taught herself to count and recognize numbers using the page numbers. And when she finally could read, the whole world of poetry and “literature” opened up. This book has a little of everything. Mystery (who cut off the tails on Bo-Peep’s sheep?), danger and adventure (Jack and Jill! Up the hill! Then Jack falls down!), horror (little Miss Muffet and that scary spider), love (Mary and her little lamb)… you name it! She still gets a great feeling of “resonance” looking through the book.

What_Gold_Buys_CoverAnn’s newest book WHAT GOLD BUYS, set in Leadville, CO, is the fifth in the Silver Rush mystery series, and is available RIGHT NOW for pre-order.

Read descriptions of all the books in the series on Amazon.

Connect with Ann at her website,  on Goodreads, and all the usual places.



I’m not usually a fan of the public memorial, but I sat down the other day to eat my lunch and take a peek at Michael Jackson’s.

Got completely sucked in.

(Don’t worry, BeckyLanders. There are no Thriller videos in this post, nor is it really about MJ. It’s about me. As it should be. Duh.)

It was such an interesting combination of church-concert-tribute-memories. Sad, but interesting. Brooke Shields made me cry. Marlon made me laugh. Parris broke my heart.

Then I started thinking about Michael Jackson’s legacy, which is obvious, which led to wondering about mine, which is decidedly less so.

Clearly, there’s not much resemblance between MJ and me. While he was busy being a child star, I was busy being a child. While he tore up the pop charts, I tore open the Pop Tarts. While he broke barriers, I broke fingernails. While he went platinum, I went gray.

But we both have a legacy. His is his music. Mine? I dunno.

I can narrow it down. I won’t be remembered for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Or getting arrested for dog-fighting. Or dying in a vat of melted chocolate. Or becoming part of a group known as “Furries” who dress up like team mascot animals and create inappropriate spectacles of themselves at parties. (I prefer to create an inappropriate spectacle of myself dressed in jeans and sneakers. Not at all like them.) Nor will I need to be tased after biting a Sheriff’s deputy. And I definitely won’t beat a fawn to death with a shovel after finding it in my flowerbed.

Swear to God, all these were stories in my newspaper this morning. The lady who killed the fawn, by the way, said she was afraid of it and used a shovel to try to make it move. I guess she thought it would move faster if she beat it to death.

But I digress.

My legacy.

My collection of Broadway musicals in CD, VHS and DVD format? My teapot from England? My photo albums? All my unpublished writing? My closet full of mismatched sheets and towels?

While my children will get all my worldly possessions, such as they are, I’d rather leave them something else.

I hope I leave them knowing how to laugh at themselves, at the world and at other people. I don’t care who you are, other people are just funny.

I hope I leave them a sense of curiosity and whimsy.

I hope I leave them with the capacity to dust themselves off after failure and to learn from mistakes without being consumed by them.

I hope I leave them optimism tempered with a dose of cynicism and street smarts.

I hope I leave them with an appreciation of history, both theirs and the world’s.

I hope I leave them knowing they can do anything they want, as long as they want it enough to work for it like crazy.

I hope I leave them knowing that true happiness and peace comes from within.

I hope I leave them knowing practicalities of life ”” map-reading, nutrition, how to keep their clothes wrinkle-and-static-free, defensive driving, and that sharp crayons make everything better.

Actually, I hope I’ve already given them those things. But they better keep their hands off my Broadway collection. I plan on enjoying it for a very long time.

What’s your legacy?