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Random Stuff I’m Thankful For As I Go About My Day

We’re all thankful for family and friends and good health, but I tend to overlook the little things in my life that make me happy and grateful each and every day. So here’s my list …

• Kleenex

• people who know how to cut my hair

• air travel

• my car starts every time I ask it to

• paper books, digital books, and the people who write them

• Game Night, especially when we play Scattergories

• Guinness

• readily available food in my particular pyramid – fruits/veggies (with a special shout-out to sugar snap peas, red bell peppers, blueberries and Pink Lady apples), salmon, eggs, avocado, bacon, booze and chocolate

• people who buy my books

• people I don’t even know who say nice things about my books

• clean, tasty tap water

• basement storage for a lifetime of Christmas ornaments and other memorabilia (all with a story to tell), hundreds of boxes of photographic slides and a working projector on which to view them, an extra freezer, and wine by the case(s)

• xeriscape that doubles as zeroscape (I’ll concede this may not be what my neighbors are thankful for)

• plumbing, air conditioning, heat and electricity

• Netflix

• Jon Stewart, Eddie Izzard and Ellen deGeneres

• people I actually know who make me laugh

• libraries

• Nyquil

• newspapers

• newspaper advertisers so said newspapers can stay in business

• YouTube

• touring productions of Broadway musicals

• Facebook

• WordPress so I can proclaim to the world my love of goofy stuff …. like YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s on your list?

The Glamorous Life of a Writer

It seems I always end up on the most difficult path in any endeavor except, ironically, when I’m literally on a path. But even I was surprised when I accomplished all this stuff over the course of five days …

• videotaped and edited six videos (including wardrobe and jewelry changes!)

• posted them to the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle YouTube channel

• tested and finalized a dozen or so recipes (finally perfecting the Guinness Ice Cream!)

• revamped and reformatted Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbook #1

• compiled all the recipes in Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbook #2

• created a Just Desserts compilation cookbook

• created a compilation cookbook from Cookbooks #1 and #2

• made internal hyperlinks in the appropriate places in all 4 cookbooks (so when people are reading them and I refer to a related blog post or video or website, they can click the live link and be taken there … right on their Kindle!)

• bookmarked and hyperlinked each recipe to the Table of Contents in all 4 cookbooks (so when people want to go from the Table of Contents directly to a specific recipe, they just need to click on the name of the recipe in the TOC)

• searched line by line for extra spaces, tabs and hard returns in all 4 cookbooks

• wrote marketing copy for all 4 cookbooks

• agonized over where to set the prices

• created covers for all 4 cookbooks (luckily I have a theme going, so all the covers are similar)

• uploaded all 4 titles to Kindle

• added all the new covers to the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Facebook page

The truly remarkable thing about all that? I didn’t know how to do 95% of it nine months ago.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do a year ago?