Hey … you found me!

This is where I goof around when I’m not writing low calorie cookbooks or fiction. I write for adults and kids, with several manuscripts in various stages of readiness for publication.

BananaBamboozle front coverMy newest book is BANANA BAMBOOZLE, a funny cozy mystery for adults.

My favorite works-in-progress — as of 47 seconds ago — include …

• MARSHMALLOW MAYHEM, continuing the adventures put in place in BAMBOOZLE. (I expect to have four Dunne Diehl novels altogether.)

• a funny middle grade time travel series

• a funny young adult novel with a synesthetic main character in the marching band

… are you sensing a theme here? I don’t take myself too seriously, but I am serious about my writing. I’m working hard to whip all my WIPs (Works in Progress) into something entertaining to read. I laugh when I write, so I’m hoping people will laugh when they read.

Feel free to poke around in here while you’re hiding from your boss or your kids or your To Do list. Treat BeckyLand as a welcome distraction from stuff you should be doing but don’t want to. That’s usually why I’m here, too. Read my bio and see which words I hate. Check out my Lazy Low Cal Life and see how I shake my fist at that annoying middle-age weight gain. Take a look at my blog, I’m Just Sayin. I write there about anything that strikes my fancy — writing and publishing, marching band, synesthesia, my adventures as a Navy Mom, and my favorite category “goofy stuff.” I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. It’s also where you can sign up for my mailing list. Why should you do that, you ask? Because it’s the only place I announce surprise freebies and where you can get short stories about backstory events that didn’t fit in the novels. (Aren’t you dying to know what happened to Cassidy Dunne and Dan Diehl in Las Vegas? Me too!) Think of it like Bonus Features on a DVD. The blog sidebar also  has some amusing links. If you can’t find something to laugh at there, then I can only assume your funny bone is on the fritz. And take a look at my store Lazy Squirrel Designs where I have funny sayings plastered on t-shirts, mugs, baby clothes, aprons and a bunch of other stuff. It tickles me to create designs there. Here’s the page where I explain how you can customize any of the t-shirts that strike your fancy.

Thanks for visiting … and remember, a day without laughter is like a day without someone posting a funny cat video. It simply shouldn’t happen.

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