Yes, I can format your book interior!

I’ve been formatting my own books for years, so I know what I’m doing. I’m a stickler for detail. I work fast. I like formatting.

I’ll need:

  • your proofed and clean manuscript in Word
  • complete title, author, and ISBNs (print and ebook)
  • trim size of your print book
  • your publishing name and logo, if you have one
  • any other front or back matter you want included (forward, editor’s note, note from the author, intro, dedication, acknowledgments, etc)
  • your front cover

I charge $60/hour. Every project is different, but if you give me clean copy and tell me to make your book look attractive and professional, your price will be lower than average. If you have very specific design aspects in mind and/or give me sloppy copy, your price will be higher than average.

That said, most everyone gives me clean copy and it has never taken me more than four hours on a book.

When I’ve done the formatting, I’ll send a PDF back to you for proofing. If you find anything that needs changing, let me know and I’ll change it. We’ll do this until you’re happy. Of course, each of those revisions cost you money, so you can save yourself a king’s ransom by doing all your proofreading before you send it to me.

Contact me with any questions. I hope we can work together!