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Category: Navy Bits


If you’ve spent any time at all in BeckyLand, you’ll know I have three grown kids. The oldest, my beautiful and exceptionally talented writerdaughter (yes,

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Navy Graduation Redux

We are old hands at Navy boot camp graduation (technically called Pass In Review) so we knew to get there at the crack of early.

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Family Vacation

It struck me recently that we might have taken our last family vacation. At least in the traditional sense, with Mom doing all the planning

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Kid In A Box

I got my “Kid in a Box” from the Navy a couple days ago. For the uninitiated, that’s the box of clothes sent home by

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What Do Navy Corpsmen Do All Day?

This is what Navy Corpsmen do when they’re attached to Marine divisions. How can you not be proud of them?! [youtube=]

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Okinawa Time

For a smart person, I’m kinda dumb about some things. Like, for instance, the way time changes depending on where you are. I blame it

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Okinawa Bound

My son leaves today for Okinawa. Two years he’ll be gone. He doesn’t know exactly what he’ll be doing but he’ll be working at the

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