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Becky Clark is a mind-blowing presenter. Not only does she know her industry and craft, but she makes learning fun, in ways most people can’t. I highly recommended her as a presenter and instructor. ~ Julie Kazimer

Becky Clark is an excellent speaker who uses humor and clarity to drive her points home. ~ DeAnna Knippling

This woman makes public speaking look easy. ~ Donnell Ann Bell

Becky Clark borrowed a thousand dollars just before a workshop, and that workshop was so good I forgot to ask for repayment of the loan. Anyone know her email address? ~ Guy Anthony De Marco

Becky Clark mixes a wonderful cocktail that combines great writing tips with a splash of humor. A perfect “on the rocks” blend. ~ Kathie Scrimgeour

Becky Clark will have you laughing and learning all at the same time. ~ Patsy Terrell

Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel—How to Write Faster, Write Better, and Be More Organized

Have you ever wanted to speed up your process and write a complete and non-crappy novel in only two months? Learn how to create a flexible outline you can live with (even if you hate outlines), how to write faster, and how to organize yourself using Becky Clark’s tried-and-true techniques. This two-hour workshop will teach writers how to devise their own system to reliably get from premise to THE END in only eight weeks, allowing them to write multiple books per year.

Add on the guided “The Faster I Go, the Behinder I Get” time management exercise (about an hour) for participants to come away with a plan to organize everything they need to do in an easy-to-manage, logical manner, individually tailored to their lives and needs. The perfect addition the the “Eight Weeks” workshop.


Weekly Planner with Times (PDF)

Tracking Calendar for Stats (PDF)

Outlining Timeline (PDF)

Weekly To Do List and Schedule Template (Word doc)

Character Template (Word doc)

Resource Page (PDF)

The Faster I Go, The Behinder I Get — Time Management For Busy Writers

They say everyone gets 24 hours every day, but you’re skeptical. How can that be true if you never seem to have enough time, while others actually have time to exercise, work on their novel AND have lunch with friends? In this hands-on, practical workshop, you’ll leave with a plan to fit everything you need and want to do in a day/week/month. We’ll discuss the stumbling blocks to crossing items off your to-do list and how to overcome them.

Here are some helpful hints, tips and tricks for your particular time management challenges.

Weekly Planner with Times (PDF)

Tracking Calendar for Stats (PDF)

Weekly To Do List and Schedule Template (Word doc)

Your Tailor-Made Time Management Plan (PDF) (time management exercise)

Just drag and drop the calendars to your desktop to start organizing your weeks!

“Dying Is Easy. Comedy Is Difficult” — Writing Humor for Every Genre

That’s an Edmond Gwenn quip, but comedy doesn’t have to be difficult. No matter your style or genre, humor endears you to your readers. You need to inject humor into everything you write. Even the most serious thriller needs to let the reader take a breath once in awhile. This workshop studies examples of humor, and give you some practice writing it, using your own voice and style.

Plotting Panel — A Spirited Debate Between Pantsers and Plotters

Does the thought of outlining your novel evoke images of a straitjacket? Does facing a blank screen with no idea of your plot make your hands sweaty? Does the idea that your characters should whisper in your ear seem a little far-fetched? Does an outline take the fun out of the writing? Every novelist has different rituals and procedures, but one way often works better than another. Listen to a panel of writers discuss why (and how) they’ve chosen to write by the seat of their pants or to invest time in an outline before drafting their manuscript. Adapt the best of both strategies to make that first draft a bit easier.