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Unless a title says “online only” it is available at your favorite bookstore or library. If they don’t have it, just give them the ISBN number and they’ll be able to get it for you, easy peasy!

Sugar Mill Marketplace Mysteries
Rat Race (Prequel Novella) (online only)
Booked (#1) ISBN 978-1-954385078
Plotted (#2) ISBN 978-1-954385-08-5
Bound (#3) ISBN 978-1-954385-09-2

Mystery Writer’s Mysteries
Fiction Can Be Murder (#1) ISBN 978-1-7346893-6-5
Foul Play on Words (#2) ISBN 978-1-7346893-4-1
Metaphor for Murder (#3) ISBN 978-1-7346893-7-2
Police Navidad (#4) ISBN 978-1-954385-01-6

Crossword Puzzle Mysteries
Puzzling Ink (#1) ISBN 978-1-5161-1066-7
Punning with Scissors (#2) ISBN 978-1-5161-1067-4
Fatal Solutions (#3) ISBN 978-1-5161-1068-1

Dunne Diehl Mysteries —online only
Banana Bamboozle (#1)
Marshmallow Mayhem (#2)

Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel ISBN 978-1-734689-30-3
Reading Maniac—Fun Ways to Encourage Reading Success (online only)