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Category: Stuff Worth Pondering

A Perfect Game

On cardio days at the pool—like today— I use a pool noodle in the 10-foot-deep pool. The noodle goes around behind my back to support

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Drinking the Tea

I was eating an apple and reading a profile of Gregory Maguire. He’s the author of “Wicked,” among other things. He was talking about earning

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Stories Are My Jam

I love them. I really do. Books, of course, but also TV, movies, and spoken word. I set a timer to sit down at three

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I read an article in the Denver Post about a woman who ran afoul of the Department of Motor Vehicles because of her love of

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But Is It Necessary?

Fiction authors play fast and loose with the truth. Some of us even have t-shirts that say “I lie for a living” in a fading

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Getting Stupider

We played Trivial Pursuit on Family Game Night last week and I’ve come to the disturbing conclusion I’m getting stupider. Granted, it’s trivia. Outdated trivia

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The Marshmallow Test

This is a fascinating experiment. Such a simple thing to ask yet so difficult to accomplish. There are many times I wonder if I’m in

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It’s So Puzzling …

I have recently discovered my love for jigsaw puzzles. Well, technically, I’ve always liked jigsaws, but haven’t done them since I was a kid when

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Weird Search Terms

People have used these terms to wander into BeckyLand. Some of them make perfect sense, but others? • ala challenged books the book cut by

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