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Category: The Glamorous Life of a Writer

A Perfect Game

On cardio days at the pool—like today— I use a pool noodle in the 10-foot-deep pool. The noodle goes around behind my back to support

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Stories Are My Jam

I love them. I really do. Books, of course, but also TV, movies, and spoken word. I set a timer to sit down at three

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Stars in Our Eyes

Yesterday was launch day for BOOKED, the first book in the Sugar Mill Marketplace series. Yay! The early reviews are positive and make me very,

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Cover Chaos

I really love the process of book cover art and working with my designer. Until recently, that is. I’ve worked with the same designer since

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A Writer’s Charcuterie

I recently finished writing PLOTTED, book #2 of my new Sugar Mill Marketplace series. Right now, the Marketplace consists of a used bookstore, bakery, chocolate

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