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Category: Marching Band

Signing Ceremonies

Tis the season of photo ops of student athletes signing their letters of intent to play sports in college. Let me begin by saying that

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Is It Broken?

… or is it just showing off its fanciness to the other nine toes? I went to the annual Marching Band’s Big Beach Bash and

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Things I’ve Never Done

I’ve been hearing a lot about New Year’s Resolutions lately. In fact, I even wrote some of my own. But recently I was reading the

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Blind Marching Band

Even though my friend George was in charge of the ENTIRE Tournament of Roses Parade, I had to find out about one of Pasadena’s invited

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American Band

I was never in marching band. When I was a kid, I took the obligatory piano lessons from the scary neighbor lady. I wasn’t very

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