About Becky

• I’m usually pretty funny. Sometimes clever. Often silly.

• I try to write entertaining, easy and escapist reads.

• People say nice things about me and my writing. Mostly.

• I blog to connect with readers who like my style and to hear interesting, eclectic things from them.

• I won’t overwhelm you with big words or good nutrition. Like a doughnut of delicious words.

• I’m #7 in a long line of eight siblings. My cousins, nieces, nephews and I could populate an entire town. It would, of course, be Lord-of-the-Flies chaotic. We’d forget to organize trash collection and none of us would want to be in charge of wastewater. We’d have a majestic and enviable library, though.

• When I was a kid and we’d get together with our enormous extended family, our parents would plaster nametags on us. There was nothing more hysterical to my 8-year-old self than switching nametags with one of my more exotic cousins. It rendered me unrecognizable to my own father. To this day I’m not sure if he was joking or not.

• Hubs and I are loving our Colorado empty nest, feathered with many delightful memories of raising our kids — a daughter living in Oregon, a son in the Navy, and a son who is a paramedic in Denver.

• I love fried chicken, chocolate cake, and Chinese food and think there should be enormous cash prizes for the discoverers of same.

• I hate lima beans, plain yogurt, and liver and think it should be a crime to produce them.

• Love these words: edumacation, truthiness, newsertainment.

• Hate these: moist (too gross), lull (bad mouth-feel), arguably (too stupid).

• Love Broadway. Hate opera.

• Got bitten by a dog in college but I’m not afraid of dogs. Except dogs named Bruno, even though he (and his insurance company) bought me my first car.

• I’m an expert on exactly one topic … me.

• I don’t know much about welding, the water cycle or being a millionaire, but I bet I could learn.

If you’re still craving more about me …..

Check out these FAQs … how I got started, my writing process, research, photos of the purses I make out of rescued books, and a gallery of photos of the adorable Nala.

And here are a few interviews and such that I’ve remembered to link here. (Some days I am just so darn proud of myself!)

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