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Category: Writing, Reading and Publishing

Tiger Moms

I read Amy Chua’s book BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER and loved it as much as a Chinese mother loves torturing her children. I

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Paying Bills vs Paying Dues

Occasionally, I’ll say something stupid out loud. (And, yes, I’m defining ‘occasionally’ quite liberally.) Here are three recent examples: 1.  “Which one is the old

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Police Blotter

The crime and the crime reporting in this town cracks me up! These are taken from one week’s worth of criminal behavior reported in our

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I wrote recently about finding a note from my mother tucked into this novel by Kathleen Hughes. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Frequently

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Literature Map

So, I was thinking of buying Someone a book and I was looking for ideas. I knew s/he liked certain authors so I remembered this

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Running Away

My sister scolded me. But my mom understood. I got mad at my three children one day when they were youngish and terrible. I needed

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Transportation Slapstick

Or … Not Driving Miss Daisy For more years than I can remember, I’ve been attending the annual Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs,

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