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SuperBowl Commercials

First, clear this up for me. Which is it … Super Bowl? Superbowl? SuPeRbOwL? Superb Owl? Since I don’t know, my default ””one word, two capital letters ”” is something that couldn’t possibly be right. But at least I’m consistent.

I love everything about SuperBowl Sunday … the inspirational stories about the lives of football players I’ve never heard of … watching the players try to keep it together during the National Anthem … Faith Hill’s leather pants … guacamole … beer … and who doesn’t love The Boss?!  He’s 59 years old, folks, but acts like he’s 9. He must have mad yoga skillz.

But really, everybody knows it’s the commercials that make the SuperBowl so super.

Now that it’s had some time to ferment, much like kimchee, I wondered which commercials still stuck in your head. It’s easy to pick your favorite the day after the SuperBowl, but what about two weeks after?

Can’t remember?  To refresh your memory, here are the top ten ads from the 2009 SuperBowl. But they don’t include some of my favorites. I liked the Forever Young ad (but I have no idea what it was trying to sell me. Dylan? Will.i.am? A Coke and a smile?), the Doritos snow globe ”˜Snack Strong,” Elway playing with the Heroes team (that one might have just been local), and Alec Baldwin for Hulu – “TV rots your brain” ”” although I’ve seen that one many times in the last couple of weeks.


And just because I can, here are the top ten ads from 2008 SuperBowl …


And 2007 …


Me? I loveloveLOVE the talking E*TRADE babies. I’ll vote for them every time. So here, for your extreme delight, are some E*TRADE baby outtakes.


But what about you? What were your favorite SuperBowl commercials?

2008 Marching Band Competition

Here it is … what you’ve all been waiting for … cyber drum roll, please ….

The Chaparral High School Marching Band is officially the 9th best band in Colorado!

Their final score was 73.25, only 0.6 points behind eighth place. The also took home a plaque for the most improved band. That award is given to the band that increases their score the most from last year’s state competition.

I am exceedingly proud of all of them … especially my fabulous tuba-playing son. If you’re paying attention ”” and, really, why wouldn’t you be? ”” you’ll see a close-up of him doing a happy, shiny tuba flip. It comes right after my extremely bad camera work. In my defense, I hardly ever use the video camera anymore so I couldn’t keep the camera from jiggling, find my son, AND remember where the zoom was. So sue me.

They work so hard ”” sweltering through summer band camp on the hot asphalt of the student parking lot where they rehearse … trying to convince non-band students to move their cars off the 50-yard line so they can practice after school … marching in every kind of weather … late nights, early mornings ”” all for a ten-minute production.

In the summertime when the band was rehearsing, the football players came over and marveled at how much harder the band kids work than football players work. If you ever want to get a band kid all blustery and righteous, point out that football players get PE credit just for being on the team, but band students don’t. Then stand back!

I’ll apologize in advance for the woo-hooing in your ear in the video. I tried to control myself, but, alas, could not. But it’s not just me. The whole crowd does the same thing. And just so you know, videotape does NOT do this band justice. When they play to the backfield then turn and blast that wall of sound right at you … well, it’s pretty darn close to a religious experience. Definitely not an exaggeration to say it can give you a full-body shimmy.

Enjoy ….


Did it give you a full-body shimmy? Goosebumps? Lump in your throat? Do you love the marching band with every fiber of your being?!