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Run Pee

I’ve given you cool places to piddle, here, here and here, and now I can give you the best TIMES to piddle.

I know. Does my generosity ever end?!

There’s a new website and iPhone app that tells you the best time to run to the restroom during a movie.

Here’s a classic … Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can see by the arrows on the yellow bar there are two good times to scurry into the lobby to piddle.


If you want to see what you’ll miss, you can unscramble the text in the big yellow block.


For those of you taking your tiny bladders with you to the theater this weekend, here’s a, ahem, heads up for Inglourious Basterds. Four handy pee times available.


You’re welcome!

Is this a service you’d use? You know, if you had a tiny bladder.