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Awful Books

My son lamented the practice of ”˜weeding’ outdated or unused library books. He said it felt like they were killing his friends.

I tried to explain it was a necessary evil to make shelf space for new books but I don’t think he cared. Then I stumbled upon a funny blog written by librarians Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly.

Now I have proof some books are downright evil and deserve to die.

But lordy … wouldn’t you hate to see something you wrote on there!

Watch them on Jimmy Kimmel … (it’s not really 7 minutes long)


Loved “Knitting with Dog Hair.” It reminded me of when my mom knitted (knat?) a sweater using yarn from my aunt’s buffalo herd.

And “Do-It-Yourself Coffins.” The bonus is that you get to use it as a table until you need it. I guess that makes it a coffin table. This would be your coffintable book, perhaps.

Now go visit their blog for more fun and hijinx! The comments are funny too. I’ve added them to my “Just for Fun” file in my sidebar too, so you can visit them whenever you visit me. It’s true. I’m a giver.

What outdated books are still on your shelves?