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20/20 Segment

It has come to my attention that I know three types of people. Those who:

1. Fall asleep extremely early on Friday night and thus miss the 20/20 TV show they’ve been anticipating for weeks.

2. Have no idea how to use their Tivo and/or VCR.

3. Really don’t want to watch me on TV and therefore lapse into passive-aggressive mode … “Oh, I wanted to watch, but I got a phone call.” … “Oh, I wanted to watch, but the dog needed to be groomed right then.” … “Oh, I wanted to watch, but I went into labor.” Pfftt.

Well, the joke’s on all three of you because here it is ”” our segment of the 20/20 show broadcast October 17, 2008. HA!


Read the history of all this then tell me what you think!