Leap Day is Blowing My Mind

I had a weird coincidence today, February 29th.

In my new manuscript BEATEN, the theme is “things aren’t always as they appear.”

If you were paying attention while reading BOOKED, PLOTTED, and BOUND, you might have noticed that each book has a theme, and each character illustrates that theme in some way. (It was really the only way I could wrap my head around a 15-book series with all those characters.)

I’m in the editing/revision phase of BEATEN, which means, among other things, I’m plugging holes where I didn’t have enough information to write appropriately as I was dashing through the manuscript.

In this case, I knew I wanted a Pirates of Penzance bit, but I needed to reacquaint myself with the story to write coherently about it.

I looked over my brief notes and saw it’s a Leap Day story!

Indentured servant Frederic, in Pirates of Penzance, was to have his servitude end on his 21st birthday, but he was born on February 29th, so technically he only had a birthday every four years. Therefore, he has another 63 years of servitude! Oh, the hilarity!

Incidentally, here’s another coincidence. Each of these paragraphs begin with “I.”

I need to get out more because my Mind. Is. Blown.

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