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Category: Stuff Worth Pondering

Crime In The Hood Update

It seems my crime-fighting continues. Yes, I’m standing tall with hands on hips staring pensively toward the horizon. About a week after this happened, the

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Tiger Moms

I read Amy Chua’s book BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER and loved it as much as a Chinese mother loves torturing her children. I

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Crime In The Hood

Last week, when you were stuffing your face with Valentine goodies, I was strapping on my cape and fighting crime. I was at my computer

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Happy Birthday To Me

I am soon to be 50 years old. It seems a bit anticlimactic because I received my first AARP card in April 2003. I’ll do

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Bad Driver Land

We were driving around Chicago because we attended our son’s Navy boot camp graduation. Also because we so clearly have a deep-seated death wish. The

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