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Category: Stuff Worth Pondering

Make It Pretty

My house is lived in. Less so since my kids have all moved out, but still. Over the years we’ve accumulated stuff large and small.

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Crime In The Hood Update

It seems my crime-fighting continues. Yes, I’m standing tall with hands on hips staring pensively toward the horizon. About a week after this happened, the

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Tiger Moms

I read Amy Chua’s book BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER and loved it as much as a Chinese mother loves torturing her children. I

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Crime In The Hood

Last week, when you were stuffing your face with Valentine goodies, I was strapping on my cape and fighting crime. I was at my computer

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Happy Birthday To Me

I am soon to be 50 years old. It seems a bit anticlimactic because I received my first AARP card in April 2003. I’ll do

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