Funny Spam Subject Lines

I had trouble remembering to clean out my spam folder until recently. Now I look forward to it every day because I find gems like these.

Great summer sale of medicaments.
A cross between medicine and treatments, perhaps? Not quite a medicine, not quite a treatment. Much like the current state of antibiotics.

Goodiest proposition. I think someone with low self-esteem wrote that. Otherwise it would be the Bestiest proposition.

I desperately wanted to click on this one. Boy caught in toy machine. Is it a tiny plastic machine for kids to play with? Or is it a large industrial machine that makes toys? Either way, that boy was unsupervised.

In case I forget why it’s called the worldwide web, I also get spam with international flair. Swiss sponsors see redd over blue team poster. I’m curious to know about the blue team. Are they really, really sad? Because the Swiss can’t spell ”˜red’?

Don’t they have YouTube in the Netherlands? This is just begging for video. Golf with a clog proves hit with the Dutch.

But my favorite spam subject line this week was Police horse rides heatwave with sun cream. The only acceptable response is “WTF?!”

Tell me your funny spam subject lines. Pleeeeeze?

6 thoughts on “Funny Spam Subject Lines”

  1. We watched the whole PBS miniseries, “I Clavdivs” way back a hvndred years ago before we had kids and covld concentrate on lispy, stvttering main characters. I recall seeing lots of sexval power amidst the togas, sandals and grapes. But I don’t recall seeing Clavdivs at the compvter spamming me.

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