Punishments That Backfire

• Taking the car keys away, forcing you to drive them everywhere.
• “One hour of violin practice every day, young lady!”
• “One hour of tuba practice every day, young man! And your brother too!”
• “You don’t like what I make for dinner?! Then YOU cook!”
• “That’s it. Time out.” [Allowing them to go to their room and read without you bothering them. The thing they crave the most.]
• “You are NOT too full to eat those lima beans. Make ”˜em disappear, fella!” [Said lima beans to be found four days later dried and stuck in the pants pocket.]
• “No laughing at the dinner table!!” [Resulting in non-stop laughter from my sister and me at the dinner table. Sorry, Mom.]
• “If you don’t learn to take care of your own hair, we’ll have to get it cut.”

[“How’s this, Mommy? I did just like you said.”]

Have you ever momentarily lost your mind with your kids thus spawning some lame punishment? Ever been on the receiving end of ridiculous punishment?

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  1. Aw, I miss those barrettes. Don’t I look proud of myself? I seem to recall I had just learned about symmetry … I guess I hadn’t fully grasped the concept yet.

  2. LOL, when my now 23 yo was oh, 7 or 8, I served lamb chops. He was a bit of a picky eater, especially where fat was concerned. There was a smidgen of fat on the lamb that I cut up for him, but I was done. I told him in no uncertain terms that he had to eat the meat. He did and promptly vomited onto his dinner plate! I never did that again and the young man is fat phobic to this day. He dissects his meat before eating it.

    1. Brenda … that’s hilarious! My sister came to live with us temporarily and their first night at our house my son hurled at the table. She was horrifed that we took it in stride like it was no big deal and then finished eating. Pretty sure that’s when she decided never to have kids. No one should ever get used to having barf at the dinner table! Ah, parenthood.

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