The Taste of Music

The yummy Professor Funk illustrates ”” to his great peril ”” what it’s like to have a form of synesthesia where you taste music.

For those of you new to BeckyLand or for those of you who ignore me when I start talking about synesthesia … you know who you are … synesthesia is a mixing up of your senses. Like tasting music or seeing a colored alphabet. If you want more info about the fascinating world of synesthesia, there’s a link under Stuff to Learn in my sidebar (which sounds painful but isn’t really) and just below it, some other BeckyLand posts about synesthesia.

But today you can watch how The Imperial March from Star Wars tastes.

WOW! That’s a great synesthetic sentence!


What song would you like to taste? If you make a YouTube video of your own Taste of Music, I will be honored (I think) to post it here. Just send me the link!

5 thoughts on “The Taste of Music”

    1. Children, children … Sousa, beer, cotton candy, AND Star Wars! But none of those nasty Q-tips, er … ‘ear buds.’

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