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I saw this in March 2009 The Writer Magazine.

Test your aptitude as a writer.

Grab a timer. For each genre listed below write for five minutes.

The topic is … dessert.

• News Article
• Magazine feature
• Promotional copy (press release or ad copy)
• Instructional copy (step-by-step instructions)
• Play/screenplay (two characters, one scene of dialogue)
• Fiction/poetry (short story or poem)

Obviously in five minutes you won’t get an entire magazine feature or short story, but the ease with which your writing flows and the quality of the piece might reveal your natural talent.

Tell me which genre was your best and feel free to post what you wrote. I’ll be thrilled to see your efforts!

2 thoughts on “Your Write Stuff”

  1. Alive At Five!!! In Denver,Colorado earlier today, A tractor trailer truck spilled 20,000 pounds of strawberry shortcake across the westbound lanes of I-70; backing up the early morning commute for hours; frustrated drivers eager to get to work caused further problems by exiting their vehicles and actually consuming the little dessert treats which were
    spread out for hundreds of feet in every direction

    The drivers’ cell phone was inspected as it was lying on the floor of the wrecked rig, still in text mode…
    The accident, it has been established, was caused by texting while in motion; the driver was making reservations at the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Ludlow, VT…….. I can see public transportation in this man’s future ….
    And now here’s Cactus Jack on the weather……;))))

    1. LOL, Michael! And interesting that you knew exactly where the Ben and Jerry’s factory was.

      I’m just sayin ….

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