BeckyLand Investigation

Something funny went on in BeckyLand this week. I had a spike in my viewers one day, which always makes me curious. So I investigated.

Here are the search terms people used to find my blog that day ….

• linear wrinkles in one or both lobes    21

• funny books for kids            4

• earlobe linear crease  3

• linear wrinkles on earlobe            3

• earlobes with linear creases + photo            3

• funny boot camp t shirts            2

• how do you know you have a tapeworm            2

• linear wrinkles earlobes            2

• goofy irish song music video from the 80        2

• linear wrinkles earlobe 2

So you don’t have to do the math yourself, that’s 34 people who searched out information about earlobe wrinkles. (And apparently passed on the link to my blog.)

Earlobe. Wrinkles.

In the greater scheme of the world population, that’s not many people, I know. But in the lesser scheme of people doing cyber searches, it seems a bit extreme. Even for BeckyLand. [BTW, did you notice the people searching for tapeworm information? I get someone every day. Every Day. You didn’t believe me, did you?]

And it happened again the next day to a lesser extent …

• funny books for kids            4

• trident seal pin            3

•  tapeworm            2

• linear wrinkles earlobes            2

• broken pinky toe       2

• black girls kiss white men            2

• linear wrinkles earlobe photo            2

• linear wrinkles in earlobes            2

• richest fictional characters            2

• man having baby    2

• navy seals iraq 2009    1

Here’s the actual post, Listen To Your Body Even When It Says Stupid Stuff, in case you missed it. Clearly, it’s cutting-edge info. You’re welcome.

Unfortunately, I’m sure I disappointed the curious folks searching for “man having baby” and the interracial smooching.

How ’bout you … would you rather read about “linear wrinkles on earlobe” or “man having baby”? But more importantly, go to the mirror and take a peek at your earlobes. See any wrinkles?

3 thoughts on “BeckyLand Investigation”

  1. God. Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more bizarre, you have set the new BeckyLand awesomeness scale to a new high.

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