Seven Months

If I told you how many people visit my blog specifically to read about the damage I inflicted on my pinkie toe, you would shout, “YOU LIE!” on the floor of Congress and collect scads of money from my opponents.


So here’s an update.

It’s been almost seven months since it looked like this …

Becky's broken toe copy

Do know what can happen in seven months?

• A kid can go through Navy boot camp, graduate from Hospital Corps School, and get all settled in Okinawa.

• Whitney Houston can earn some kind of record for not changing out of her pajamas. (It’s unofficial, but I think I might have her beat. She has so little, though, I’ll give her this one.)

• You can serve your term in federal prison for bilking more than $10,000 from a program to help people whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Rita.

• If you’re India, your gold imports can plunge 29% as rising prices cool jewelry demand.

• You can break every single one of your New Year’s Resolutions many times over.

• You can gestate a baboon, several chickens, a tiger, a muskrat, a porcupine, a rhesus monkey, a chinchilla, a kangaroo, a red fox, an opossum, a puma, a parrot, a lion, a tiger AND a bear ….

But your toe would still look like this …

toe on 9-10-09

“Why don’t you care about my toe yet?” she whined.

0 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. Mary F.

    Seven years ago I did the same thing to my toe – I have only recently in the last few months accepted the fact that I will never have a decent toenail (still all shattered/splintered and white) that will stay on that toe! Seven months only? You still have hope and optimism that it will get better. Quit your whining!! 🙂

    1. beckycc

      It’s obvious to me you ladies didn’t believe me when I said a LOT of people check out my toe blog. (Which sounds really gross, but clearly, it’s not. It’s simply dainty and lovely and bruised.) Seriously, every week I get at least half a dozen people who stumble into BeckyLand looking for my toe info. I’m just giving them the info they need because I’m what? Oh, yes, a giver. And because I’m a giver, in the future I will give fair warning if I ever post that photo again. You were just sayin, though, right?

  2. Tami Gallogly

    Ouch, Becky!!! I fell for ya though. I “kicked” a gate in February and finally went to the Dr. in May only to find out I tore the cartilage in my poor little toe! Surgery needed to make it whole… NOT doing it! So I suffer. Every day. And if (when) I trip or kick something, it’s always that toe that bears the brunt!

  3. beckycc

    Okay. Now I can officially call myself a wimp after reading Tami’s comment. I stand humbled, completely healed, while those around me suffer. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for me.

    But it will ALWAYS crack me up how many people read about my little toe mishap. God bless ’em!


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