Seven Months

If I told you how many people visit my blog specifically to read about the damage I inflicted on my pinkie toe, you would shout, “YOU LIE!” on the floor of Congress and collect scads of money from my opponents.


So here’s an update.

It’s been almost seven months since it looked like this …

Becky's broken toe copy

Do know what can happen in seven months?

• A kid can go through Navy boot camp, graduate from Hospital Corps School, and get all settled in Okinawa.

• Whitney Houston can earn some kind of record for not changing out of her pajamas. (It’s unofficial, but I think I might have her beat. She has so little, though, I’ll give her this one.)

• You can serve your term in federal prison for bilking more than $10,000 from a program to help people whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Rita.

• If you’re India, your gold imports can plunge 29% as rising prices cool jewelry demand.

• You can break every single one of your New Year’s Resolutions many times over.

• You can gestate a baboon, several chickens, a tiger, a muskrat, a porcupine, a rhesus monkey, a chinchilla, a kangaroo, a red fox, an opossum, a puma, a parrot, a lion, a tiger AND a bear ….

But your toe would still look like this …

toe on 9-10-09

“Why don’t you care about my toe yet?” she whined.

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  1. Seven years ago I did the same thing to my toe – I have only recently in the last few months accepted the fact that I will never have a decent toenail (still all shattered/splintered and white) that will stay on that toe! Seven months only? You still have hope and optimism that it will get better. Quit your whining!! 🙂

    1. It’s obvious to me you ladies didn’t believe me when I said a LOT of people check out my toe blog. (Which sounds really gross, but clearly, it’s not. It’s simply dainty and lovely and bruised.) Seriously, every week I get at least half a dozen people who stumble into BeckyLand looking for my toe info. I’m just giving them the info they need because I’m what? Oh, yes, a giver. And because I’m a giver, in the future I will give fair warning if I ever post that photo again. You were just sayin, though, right?

  2. Ouch, Becky!!! I fell for ya though. I “kicked” a gate in February and finally went to the Dr. in May only to find out I tore the cartilage in my poor little toe! Surgery needed to make it whole… NOT doing it! So I suffer. Every day. And if (when) I trip or kick something, it’s always that toe that bears the brunt!

  3. Okay. Now I can officially call myself a wimp after reading Tami’s comment. I stand humbled, completely healed, while those around me suffer. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for me.

    But it will ALWAYS crack me up how many people read about my little toe mishap. God bless ’em!

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